Piglet 1.2.0 released

A new version of Piglet – the fluent parser generator is now out. Here’s a bit of what has been fixed, and how you use those new features in your project.

Added error recovery and reporting to fluent parser configuration

Piglet can now recover from errors and continue parsing in a controlled manner when using the fluent configuration. This is done by the very special Error token. What you do is that when defining a rule, instead of the token you want to use, you use the Error token. In case of an error this token will match instead and all subsequent tokens will be skipped until the next legal token is matched.

When a rule containing the Error token has been found, you will find the Error variable filled in in the corresponding WhenFound clause.

Added token precedence to fluent configuration

You can now specify precedence groups for tokens using the LeftAssociative , RightAssociative and NonAssociative methods found in the fluent configurator object.

Pass one of these methods a group of tokens to declare them to be of equal precedence. Literals or expressions are legal input.

Completed XML documentation to include every method

No more empty intellisense! There should be somewhat helpful text everywhere now.

Fixed bug with escaped ?

\? was not handled correctly when used as an expression. It is now.

Fixed bug with numbered repetition

Numbered repetition in regular expressions now supports the standard {x,y} syntax in addition to the {x:y} syntax that I apparently implemented originally. The old syntax still works.

Also now, the {x,} syntax is supported, which Piglet didn’t support before.

Fixed bug with possible wrong order of defined expressions for fluent configuration

The terminal wasn’t immediately created when a fluent expression was declared. It now becomes created at the moment when the AndReturns function is called. Note that expressions now MUST call the AndReturns function. An incompletely defined expression is no longer legal tender in the piglet world.

Automated the NuGet package management

Thanks to @orjansjoholm the NuGet packages are now built with psake and automated. I could not have done this myself, and it works a treat!

Other news

Check out this thing : A DCPU16 emulator and assembler. Uses Piglet as its parser for the assembly!

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